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Current news & press releases – New Long Island-Based Theatre Company Using Crowdfunding To Raise Funds For Play About Beethoven – ‘Beethoven’s Promethean Concerto in C Minor WoO’ Is A Smash Hit – Is It Ever OK To Snoop On Your Partner’s Computer Or Phone? One Expert Has An Interesting Answer – When Is The Most Popular Time To Have Sex? Clear Your Weekends, Survey Say

Readers Digest – 10 Things You Must Consider Before Seeing A Psychic Reader – How To Avoid The Common Misunderstandings That Will Ruin Any Relationship – 3 Killer Tips for Online Dating Success – Men’s Corner: 10 Obvious Signs Your Lady Is Unhappy With You – Why Women Cheat – What’s The Best Nighttime Routine To Have With Your Partner? 13 Experts Weigh In -When Should You Never Break Up With Someone? 13 Experts Weigh In – 5 Signs You’re Too Scared To End The Relationship & What To Do About It – 16 Conversation Starters For When You Meet Someone New At A Party – Why Weekday Sex Is Underrated, Because It’s Worth Making Time For – 9 Relationship Experts Talk About Dating Your “Type” – 8 Signs Your Partner Is Causing Harm To Your Family Relationships – 17 Dating & Relationship Habits You Didn’t Realize Were Toxic – 15 Reasons Couples Get In Arguments Late At Night – When Should You Never Break Up With Someone? 13 Experts Weigh In – 9 Signs Your Significant Other Doesn’t Feel At Ease Around You – 15 Old Fashioned Dating Rituals We Should Consider Bringing Back – How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Grown-Ass Woman, Whether You’re In A Relationship Or Single AF – When Is The Best Time To Date After A Breakup? 13 Experts Weigh In – What To Do If Your Partner Is Defensive All The Time, According To 10 Experts When Should You Delete Your Dating Profile If You Met On Someone On An App? 9 Experts Offer Their Best Advice – The Best Way To Start Your Day With Your Partner, According To Experts – Why Is Dating So Stressful? 11 Experts On Why Meeting New People Is So Tough – 10 Reasons Why Relationships Are So Difficult To Maintain, According To Experts – Medium Cindi Sansone-Braff Talks About Career, Gift and New Book – What To Do If You’re In Love But Feel Incompatible – 11 Ultimatums That Are Unfair To Give Your Partner – “Million Dollar Matchmaker” Patti Stanger Launching New Show On WE TV – 7 Weird Signs Your Partner Is Cheating – 13 Signs Your Significant Other Feels At Ease Around You

The Oakland Express – Experts Weigh In On Eight Biggest Dating Mistakes – The One Thing To Tell Yourself To Feel More Positive About Being Single – 9 Misconceptions About Women Who Are Single And Not Dating – 7 Pieces Of Advice If You Feel Like “The Replacement” – 11 Signs Your Partner Has Unhealthy Jealousy – To Help A Friend In An Unhealthy Relationship – Experts Weigh In On Eight Biggest Dating Mistakes – 9 Weirdest Signs You’re Incompatible, According To Experts – 12 Things You Should Never Expect In A Relationship – 15 Relationship Experts Explain Why Snooping Is A Terrible Idea – 6 Ways To Combat Dating Anxiety – 12 Clues Your Partner Wants To End Your Relationship – How To Reconnect With Old Friends – 10 Clues Your Partner Is Unhappy In A Relationship – 21 Ways Anyone Can Be A Better Partner – 9 Relationship Experts Talk About Dating Your “Type” – The One Thing You Should Do At The Start Of Every New Relationship – 9 Things To Never Say To A Woman Who Doesn’t Believe In Marriage – 11 Clues Your Partner is Cheating – 8 Dating Mistakes People Over 50 Make – 13 Things That Are More Important In A Relationship Than Looks Or Money – 20 Conversations That Build Intimacy – The One Thing Couples Should Never Lie To Each Other About – 17 Things To Do When You Get Bored In Your Relationship – 15 Signs You’re More Than Friends – 11 Weirdest Signs You’re Compatible – 13 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Married Couples – 10 Reasons Couples Hate Valentine’s Day Too – 11 Things Not To Say To Single People Who Love Valentine’s Day

Cindi’s book, Grant Me a Higher Love, was named by in association with one of the greatest books on the laws of love. – 12 Ways To Be Happier In Your Relationships – How To Be Comforting When Your Partner Is Stressed – The Ten Fights Your Having That Are Completely Normal — Cindi is one of the featured relationship experts in this article: How to Become Better at Dating. 

Inquisitir. Com — Cindi is one of the relationship experts cited in this article: Hookup Culture: Is Finding Real Love Possible Anymore — Cindi is one of the relationship experts cited in this article: How Often Should Couples Text During the Day — Cindi is one of the relationship experts cited in this article: 11 Signs the Person You Thought was “The One” is Not the One for You

Bustle.Com — Cindi is one of the relationship experts cited in this article: The 7 Worst Fights Couples Have and How to Avoid them. – 10 Signs You And Your Partner Are Going In Different Directions – September 21, 2015 – “How to Overcome the Damage Caused By Toxic Relationships” October 15, 2015

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